Critical Illness

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Critical Illness plans provide an extra layer of protection that can be used to help pay expenses associated with a serious illness.

AFEUSA’s Critical Illness plan can help supplement a major medical plan and provide consumers with a plan that can help them manage the costs associated with a covered critical illness – beyond the expected payments for treatments.

The AFEUSA Critical Illness Plan provides cash benefits for defined illnesses or specified diseases that can be used to help cover out-of-pocket medical and other non-medical expenses. Insureds can use the lump sum benefit payment for any purpose they choose: paying off deductibles, child care, transportation costs for themselves or family members, loss of income, or any other financial need.

Covered Critical Conditions are Type 1 Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke. This type of plan can help individuals focus on their treatment and recovery, rather than worrying about how they are going to pay the bills.

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